Association for Development of Islamic Finance Kazakhstan joins IFSB

The Council of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) resolved to approve the admission of one organisation into the IFSB membership, an industry association as an Observer Member.

The 30th meeting of the IFSB Council, hosted by the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and Bank Negara Malaysia, was held on 6 April 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was attended by 13 Governors and Deputy Governors of regulatory and supervisory authorities, and eight senior representatives from among the Council and Full members of the IFSB, representing 15 countries.

The newly admitted Observer member is the Association for Development of Islamic Finance (ADIF), Kazakhstan.

To date, the 183 members of the IFSB consist of 70 supervisory and regulatory authorities from the banking, capital markets and Takaful sectors, as well as seven international inter-governmental organisations and 106 market players (financial institutions, professional firms, industry associations and stock exchanges) from 57 jurisdictions.


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