IdealRatings secures business from ALPHA: r2

ALPHA: r2, the managed portfolio service available through Walker Crips for UK financial advisers and their clients has entered into an exclusive arrangement with IdealRatings to ensure all its portfolios are subject to an ethical screen.

Walker Crips will now adopt an explicit three-pronged environmental, social and governance screen on all holdings in UK equities. ALPHA: r2 will seek to outperform its peers by focusing on companies with empirically good ESG scores and will pay particular attention to those with demonstrably strong corporate governance. Its portfolios will also have the ability to screen companies for Shari’ah compliance and those that comply with the UN Global Compact.

Mohamed Donia, IdealRatings CEO said, “IdealRatings is delighted to be partnering with ALPHA: r2 on its ethical investment initiative. We have been providing data, analysis and screening services for 10 years now. Our focus is entirely on supporting investment management companies, brokers and individual investors to ensure compliance with their ethical, sustainable and faith-based investment requirements. We firmly believe that the future of investment is best served by initiatives such as Walker Crips’ ALPHA: r2, where top quality investment management is combined with rigorous and detailed screening of companies for these criteria.”

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