IFSB goes French

The Islamic Financial Services Board has released French versions of two IFSB standards on Shari’ah governance systems (IFSB-10) and Revised Guidance on Key Elements in the Supervisory Review Process (IFSB-16).

IFSB secretary-general Dr. Bello Lawal Danbatta said, “The French versions of the IFSB Standards aim to cater to the increasing interest on Islamic finance among the French-speaking countries around the globe. The translations aim to increase the understanding of the IFSB Standards and their requirements among the practitioners from these jurisdictions, which we hope will result in increased implementation of the IFSB Standards in member countries.”

“The first IFSB Standard translated into French was IFSB-1 – Guiding Principles of Risk Management for Institutions offering Islamic Financial Services (IIFS), in 2016. The translation of IFSB-10 and IFSB-16 reflects the the continued commitment of the IFSB to its members, and is part of the IFSB’s Strategic Key Result Area 2 (SKRA 2) on the Facilitating the Implementation of Prudential Standards and Capacity Development under the IFSB’s Strategic Performance Plan 2016-2018,” he said.

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