IFSB in Indonesia

The Islamic Financial Services Board, Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia have organised an industry engagement session themed, “The Global Islamic Finance Industry and the IFSB” on October 2in Jakarta, Indonesia. The half-day session was part of the IFSB’s efforts to reach out to its wide membership base and provide an interactive platform for the international organisation to engage with the both the regulators and market players of the Islamic finance industry.

Anwar Bashori, head, Department of Islamic Economic and Finance, Bank Indonesia in welcoming the IFSB and the participants, shared that the global economic outlook is projected to improve, which is expected to have a positive impact on the overall economic growth of Indonesia.

Zahid ur Rehman Khokher, acting aecretary-general of the IFSB emphasised Indonesia’s position as a key global Islamic finance player by highlighting the country’s leading position globally in various sectors and its pioneering role in Islamic Social Finance. Indonesia’s ongoing support in various activities of the IFSB since its establishment was also highlighted and commended.

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