Introducing The Islamic Globe Awards 2017

The Islamic Globe Awards 2017 will be announced after Ramadan

As regular readers of The Islamic Globe will know, 2017 sees us enter our ninth consecutive year of publishing the newspaper. It has been a fascinating ride, watching the industry grow and develop into the marvellous institution that it is today.

One of the most asked questions posed to members of The Islamic Globe team over the years has been: why don’t you do The Islamic Globe Awards?

Our response has been generally been that there are many awards out there and we saw no real need to add to their number. But it struck us recently, after a series of very productive meetings in Bahrain, that the awards that exist generally focus on institutional contributions to the industry.

But as we know, the industry needs heroes. Needs inspirational leaders. Needs icons that young entrants can aspire to copy. And that is the niche that we aim to fill with The Islamic Globe Awards starting this year.

You can see that the awards are geared towards recognizing greatness amongst the men and women who make up the front line of advancing the objectives of the industry: thinkers, doers, bankers and leaders.

But rather than decide on who are the best of the best in an opaque manner behind closed doors, we decided to let you, the reader, decide. Over the coming days you will find a link to a voting page on The Islamic Globe homepage and we would encourage you not only to nominate your choice of leader, but tell us in as much detail as you can the reasons for your choice.

The Islamic Globe Awards for 2017 will be announced after Ramadan and we hope will give further impetus for the growth and development of this most vibrant of sectors.

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