Jaseem Ahmed, IFSB secretary-general, retires after six years

The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) announced the retirement of its secretary-general, Jaseem Ahmed, effective 14 April 2017, after a six-year term at the helm of the international standard-setting organisation for the Islamic financial services industry.

Ahmed, who assumed the position in May 2011, led the stewardship of the IFSB with the introduction of the second generation of the IFSB Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) in enhancing the soundness and stability of Islamic financial services industry (IFSI), within the mandate given to the IFSB. He also spearheaded the formulation of the IFSB’s Strategic Performance Plans, the inaugural one was introduced for the term 2012 – 2015, followed by the second in 2016 – 2018. The Strategic Performance Plan framework provides for greater oversight by the Council, through the streamlining of all the organisation’s activities and a sharpening of the focus of the mission, goals and objectives of the IFSB.

The IFSB also initiated during Ahmed’s tenure as secretary-general the IFSB’s publication, the annual Islamic Financial Stability Report (from 2013); the IFSB’s annual Standards Implementation Survey, and the preparation of Core Principles for Islamic Finance Regulation (CPIFR or IFSB-17) which aim to facilitate greater integration of Islamic finance into the international economy and global financial architecture. In addition, Ahmed oversaw the dissemination of the Prudential and Structural Islamic Financial Indicators (PSIFIs) (2015), a longstanding goal of the IFSB.

The Council of the IFSB in its 30th meeting on 6 April 2017, held in Kuala Lumpur, launched measures for the appointment of a new secretary-general, while appointing the Assistant Secretary-General (Technical & Research) Zahid ur Rehman Khokher as the acting secretary-general of the IFSB effective 15 April 2017.

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