Mohammed Kateeb gets Leadership Award in Information Technologies and Media

Professor Laurent Marliere, publisher of ISLAMICA 500 presented Mohammed Kateeb, group chairman and CEO of Path Solutions, the Leadership Award 2017 in Information Technologies and Media.

The award reception took place at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach, UAE.

“We went through the profile of a large number of high level nominees, and we evaluated them for their leadership, industry commitment and significant accomplishments during the past year,” Marliere said. “We believe this is an appropriate acknowledgement of what it means to be a technology trailblazer. This recognition is merited for Kateeb’s outstanding contributions and achievements in empowering Islamic finance with advanced technology solutions”.

Kateeb has earned a reputation for his pioneering role in the development of interest-free financial technology solutions. He had also played lead roles in a number of global initiatives for the development of Islamic finance.

“The world is ready for an alternative to interest-based finance, and today we have more resources and capabilities than ever before to make the world a better place. Of course, we are extremely proud of how far we’ve achieved in Islamic economy, but going forward, let us converge our efforts and grasp the opportunity to push this industry beyond any limitations, to achieve its full potential,” Kateeb said.


Kateeb receives the award

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