The Islamic Globe 2017 Awards update

After a barrage of requests The Islamic Globe team has decided to include an additional category in our The Islamic Globe 2017 Awards.

The award is for the Best New Financial Centre for Islamic Finance.

As the industry has grown in size and scope over the past decade, we have seen numerous territories and jurisdictions wise up to the fact that Islamic finance is the finance of the future and so they have taken extraordinary measure to make sure that they are seen to be Shari’ah compliant centres of finance. These centres are both onshore and offshore.

The award for the Best New Financial Centre for Islamic Finance is geared towards recognising the incredible efforts being made by regulators, legislators, central bankers and funds managers to be Shari’ah-ready.

In many instances central governments have taken a leading role in promoting the territory or jurisdiction to ensure that they present the best possible face to clients responsible for the ever-expanding palette of Islamic financing instruments being offered around the globe.


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