Tunisia makes plans for issuing its inaugural Sukuk

The government of Tunisia together with Bourse de Tunis and Nasdaq Dubai have set up a task force to pave the way for Tunisia’s first ever issuance of a Sukuk.

The task force is considering commercial, legal and regulatory issues including Shari’’ah compliance so that Tunisia can create a solid framework for capital raising through selling Sukuk to domestic and international investors.

Nasdaq Dubai is providing the task force with global expertise. Tunisian members of the task force include the head of government’s office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Development, central bank, Financial Market Council and Bourse de Tunis.

Bilel Sahnoun, chief executive officer of Bourse de Tunis, said: “The task force will work speedily and thoroughly, to help us create robust infrastructure for Sukuk issuance that will give the government and Tunisian private sector a valuable new tool for raising capital. Tunisia’s entry into the Sukuk sector will promote international and domestic investment and confidence in our economy that will help to fund our national growth and development.”



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